About Us

We are based in Aurora, Colorado, 1st Choice Overhead Doors & Service provides garage door repair and installation at affordable rates. We are a newly established company with more then 20 years experience in industry. We are starting as a family-owned-and-operated company with the intention of providing quality local workmanship within our community. We pride ourselves on offering friendly knowledgeable services that are affordable. We are committed to using only the highest quality parts along with experienced technicians to complete any garage door task you may have. We have earned a reputation for our quality workmanship and friendly staff. Our knowledgeable technicians are certified for the products we sell and services we provide. Feel free to ask us any questions or share your concerns while we are onsite or email them to us, we will be happy to help. 

How did you get started doing this kind of work?

My husband and I started doing garage doors for a new adventure. We contemplated several different business options, but then we saw how customers were bing misled and lied to by the big garage door companies. Customers were led to believe that they needed new hardware at outrageous prices to get their garage doors working again. The truth of the matter is most consumers don’t know much about their garage doors, so they believe what they are told about their repair options and the cost. We ant to build our reputation in the industry as a fair, honest and trustworthy company. We plan to do that by walking you through the process and showing you the problem and explaining the why’s and how’s of the situation. 

What types of customers have you worked with?

We have had the privilege of working with all types of customers. From the wealthy to the not so wealthy. All different ethnicities. Given such a wide variety of people we find three things they all have in common:

These three things are the foundation to our company. 

What is the typical process for working with a new customer?

First, we call the customer to get a better understanding of the problem. Next, if we have the expertise to fix the problem we will give a quote over the phone. If this is agreed upon by the customer we obtain the address for repairs. Last, we schedule an appointment time and stay in contact with the customer as to any deviation.

Describe a project you are fond of. How long did it take?

​My favorite project was for a gal named Louise.  She called us and was upset that the spring on her garage door was broken. We went out to fix the problem. Her garage had been built in the 1920’s and was very small. The entrance was in an alley and needless-to-say she could barely pull her car into the garage. The door was an up and over garage door made from 2×4’s and sheet metal. The springs protruded into the doorway 4″ on each side. Louise told us she had a scratch on her car from one of the springs and she didn’t like how small the opening was.  She told us she had another garage door company come by the day before they told her they could fix the problem, but it would be very expensive and they would need to make the garage door 9″ smaller to accommodate a new roll up door. Given the current size, she couldn’t make it smaller. So, she called us.

We bid the job for half what the other company was asking. The door was every bit of a challenge, but with some creative engineering and team work we got a new roll-up door put in. And we managed to keep the opening the same size. Louis was more than grateful.

The take-away from the story is not that the job got done…that type of thing happens every day. But the extra effort we put in is appreciated and the relationship we built with Louis is priceless. This is what makes a company great.